Friday, July 31, 2009

Goal Setter

I took some time this morning to write out the goals for the year, months, and days we have left in 2009. I sometimes write goals down but, I've never made a goal journal like I did this morning. I got a free composition notebook this week at CVS ( gotta love CVS) and it was perfect for my goal setting journal. I like it better than the to-do list that I normally set for myself, if feels more freeing. I wrote out what I think I want done, prayed about it and gave it to God. When I make a to-do list I tend to have inflexible expectations for myself and then beat myself up over it, if it doesn't all happen. With this new system if my goal doesn't get fulfilled my the end of the day, month, or year I will just roll it over and trust in Gods timing.

Just like my devotional journal I love reading back through it to see the cries of my heart that God answered. Reading it gives me hope when is feels like nothing is changing. This goal journal will be something too I will enjoy reviewing at the end of the year and checking off the things that happened and rolling things over for the next year.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Worship flag day

Let the creativity Begin! Today I did a little shopping this morning to collect some item to make 2 worship flags for my kids. It's a project I thought about over a year ago and never got on it. So during my devotional time this morning the thought popped back into my head. I've found that God often reminds me of things I should do when I spend time with him. So after lunch I put the kids down for quite time at got to it. I would have let them help but, I decided to use hot glue. Not a good choice for a 3 and 5 yr old.

I bought 2 dowel rods some shimmery fabric and ribbon for a little sprinkle on top. It all came to about $6.50 per worship flag. I'm sure I could have gotten thrifty and found better deals but, I just wanted to see how it would pan out on the first try. Maybe next time I make some I will challenge my self to see how cheap I can make it.

So it only took about 30 min to make two of them and it was so much fun. I love working with my hands.

The kids didn't seem to be too quiet in quiet time today so after I was done with the flags I let them come down and try them out. They were so excited! Here are some pics of my creation.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A new season

Life is ever changing, that we all know. It's been hitting me like a ton of bricks lately though. I know a ton of bricks sounds heavy. I would say that in a lot of ways life has been heavy lately but its also been refreshing and renewing. I almost can't even put my finger on everything my heart is feeling at this time.

It's good to know that God is in control. Knowing that timing is in his very hands is refreshing. Knowing that what ever comes and goes he is the Author of life itself.

I say all that to preface the changes that have happened in this past year. I have reconnected with some precious friends that I grew up with. After we got married we all kinda did our own thing for awhile. In a lot of ways I think it was good for all of us. To have separate lives for a while. We have all grown and matured in allot of ways since the last time we were really connected. It's awesome to experience being moms and becoming moms together. One just found out she was expecting 2 days ago. We are all giggles to find out what she is having. This is her second child and she already has a boy. Another one is getting married in August and plans to start a family right away. When we get together the 5 of us their are 6 kids Plus 1 in the oven and 1 in the planning.

Tim and Michelle some of our dearest friends moved away. They are pursuing their dream to create music for the lord. It broke my heart to see them leave. I know God has great plans for their lives and they are following his direction. That being said it was still very hard to see them leave. With out Knowing Tim and Michelle our lives would be so much different right now. A long story short. I grew up in church but, stopped attending when my parents went through a rough divorce . It was about 8 years after that Tim saw us leaving Wal-Mart and at that time we had never met him before. He invited us to his church Easter Program. You see their was something different about him. Tom and I had church shopped for a couple years before. trying to get connected trying to find that place that would feel like home. Every place we went I would go to a bible study etc. But I never really made friends and felt welcome. Tim was different the love of God shone in his eyes. I felt Gods presence that day when Tim came up and talked with us. It was a feeling I had known at time as kid growing up in church and going to church camp in the summer time. It was the really the thing I was looking for. We started attending church that very week. The next week my sister and I gave our life to the lord again and soon after that her husband and my mom came and gave their life to the lord. The following fall my husband gave his life to the lord. You see it was a huge chain of events that happened all because one man who loved the lord and obeyed him invited us with love to church. Our lives have been changing every since. This past Easter we have been born again for 5 years. Needless to say Tim and Michelle have had a huge impact on our live the last 5 years. We've been through the good the bad and the ugly and still God remains the same. I'm thankful for the years that we had them to help mentor us in our walk with the Lord.

I was able to experience what it's like to see childbirth this month also. On July 8th Baby Judah was born and it was the first Time I was able to experience childbirth without being in the bed myself. What a tear jerking experience! I was in awe and still am. That is a moment I will never forget. It meant allot to me that my Friends Amanda and Jeremy would let me be apart of Baby Judah's birth. That might be the only time I get to experience it. I was crushed to find out 2 years ago when My sister was giving birth that I would not be able to be in the room after 9 months of planning to be. She ended up having a c-section. We were all very happy that My niece Payton was fine but, I still craved that experience that I always looked forward to. I left the hospital after Judah's birth feeling like God had given me a present that day. It's so sweet to realize moments you know God had a hand in. Not everyone would care for extra people in the room while giving birth. God bless Amanda and Jeremy :)

Another thing that has been on my mind lately is school. My daughter Aubrey starts Kindergarten this year. I'm going to keep her at home again this year. I home school preschool last year for her and my little guy Malachi. He is going to go to the Church of the Savior preschool this year. Then I will probably start him in kindergarten at home next year if he is ready.

Last night I read through all my teachers manuals trying to get familiar with how its all going to work. I plan on making my daily schedule soon and getting the kids started on their sleep schedule.

I'm here allowing God to use all these changes to work in me and though me.