Monday, July 27, 2009

Worship flag day

Let the creativity Begin! Today I did a little shopping this morning to collect some item to make 2 worship flags for my kids. It's a project I thought about over a year ago and never got on it. So during my devotional time this morning the thought popped back into my head. I've found that God often reminds me of things I should do when I spend time with him. So after lunch I put the kids down for quite time at got to it. I would have let them help but, I decided to use hot glue. Not a good choice for a 3 and 5 yr old.

I bought 2 dowel rods some shimmery fabric and ribbon for a little sprinkle on top. It all came to about $6.50 per worship flag. I'm sure I could have gotten thrifty and found better deals but, I just wanted to see how it would pan out on the first try. Maybe next time I make some I will challenge my self to see how cheap I can make it.

So it only took about 30 min to make two of them and it was so much fun. I love working with my hands.

The kids didn't seem to be too quiet in quiet time today so after I was done with the flags I let them come down and try them out. They were so excited! Here are some pics of my creation.


  1. Ok this is going to really sound like I came from the dinasaur era but when I was a kid we had certain nights we watched TV. Bonanza on Sunday nights at grandma and grandpa's (they had color tv), My Three Sons and Petticoat Junction on Saturday nights while we took turns bathing and getting our hair set on rollers for the next day. LOL Then during the week we watched one show when we came home from school. The only time we had pop was on Sunday nights after church with dad's grilled cheese sandwiches (and this was the only time we had chips as well) or scrambled eggs and toast.

    Setting limits is good and although you have taken some drastic measures, bringing back things a little at a time and asking God for wisdom as you do will be very freeing.

    When our children were small and we would get lazy with following through with things we would repent first to God and then to our children. We would apologize for the fact that things were going to be hard for awhile but eventually things would get back in order and there would be peace and joy.

    I say all of this just to let you know that you are not alone in finding out that maybe you let things get out of hand. But you are letting God make the changes. How marvelous is that?

    I'm excited for you and rejoice with you about what God is doing in your lives together. :>

    (By the way attitude adjustments are continual aren't they? Mine gets adjusted on a regular basis LOL)

  2. My comment was supposed to go with the bootcamp thing but hey I loved these worship flags. They are beautiful!