Friday, July 31, 2009

Goal Setter

I took some time this morning to write out the goals for the year, months, and days we have left in 2009. I sometimes write goals down but, I've never made a goal journal like I did this morning. I got a free composition notebook this week at CVS ( gotta love CVS) and it was perfect for my goal setting journal. I like it better than the to-do list that I normally set for myself, if feels more freeing. I wrote out what I think I want done, prayed about it and gave it to God. When I make a to-do list I tend to have inflexible expectations for myself and then beat myself up over it, if it doesn't all happen. With this new system if my goal doesn't get fulfilled my the end of the day, month, or year I will just roll it over and trust in Gods timing.

Just like my devotional journal I love reading back through it to see the cries of my heart that God answered. Reading it gives me hope when is feels like nothing is changing. This goal journal will be something too I will enjoy reviewing at the end of the year and checking off the things that happened and rolling things over for the next year.

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