Saturday, October 17, 2009


Golden leaves call to me,

watch me,

smell me,

play with me.

Golden leaves silence me,

the awe of their maker,

He captures me.

His Golden heart inspires me,

to dance in the midst of his beauty.

The leaves are a warming invitation,

to play in his creation.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aubrey lost her first tooth

Aubrey has been so excited to loose her first tooth. It's been loose for a couple of months, but the last couple of days she's been giving it the wiggle. Today I was in the kitchen baking and she came in bawling because it was hanging on by a thread. I calmed her down and told her it was fine it would come out soon. I asked her if I could pull it but she was to freaked out. A couple of hours later she was again pulling on it and she ask if I could get it out. So I started to talk to her to distract her and after a couple test pulls a yanked it out. She was so excited jumping all around the house. Here is a pic of her toothless grin.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crunch week before school is so much fun lol

Wow I can't believe how much activity is going on right now and I'm not even stressed. I think because it's all so exciting!

Last night we had a wonderful surprise birthday party for Pastor Shirley she looked stunning when she came in the room. There was allot of excitement and laughter going on last night. Good food and great people celebrating the life of an amazing woman.

We are also having our upstairs bathroom remodel done this week. I painted a couple of weeks ago and now we are leaving the rest to the pros. They layed the new white tile on the floor on Tuesday, and yesterday they grouted it. Today the Are laying the glass mosaic backslash on. They had said 3 days So today should be their last day. You know how women think ahead.....I'm guessing two more days. I don't think they work weekends so it may take us to Monday our first day of school yikes. All well that construction for you.

Malachi's birthday is also coming up soon. Tom and I decided to have His 4th birthday party at the house because the last time we did he was 1. Tom had talked all summer about building the kidos a new playhouse swing set system. Well lets just say there's nothing like waiting till the last minute :) love ya honey. We really wanted to make sure that the yard was kid safe for him birthday party. There was a really bad storm a couple of years ago that picked up our playhouse and flipped it up side down on our fence. So have been using that one every since. We just flipped it back up right and kept playing. It seemed ok but as time went on things really started to loosen up on it and we new it was going to have to be replaced. So thank goodness for great friends. Toms friend Tim built his own a couple of months ago. Tim and Tommy dug right into it yesterday! I went to get flowers and came home and was surprised to see a miter saw in my yard. I thought they were just going to talk about what the plans were. 6 hours later after running to Lowe's to get wood. they had the sandbox built and the frame of the playhouse done. Way to hustle guys! I was so excited when I came home last night from Pastor Shirley's Party to see how much work they got done.

Today my friend Erin is in town from Milwaukee and I'm so excited to see her!......

Pt 2
I did get to see Erin. She is so full of life I love getting to see her. She has passion seeping from her veins. It was adorable she was staying at her parents house while she was in town and her Daddy was on call so he was home. He asked the kids if they wanted a fish what do you think they said. You guessed it we came home with two new fish and a fish bowl. We aren't quite sure where to put them yet. They are sittin gon our kitchen table right now. Needless to say the kids are in love with Bob Erins dad now. I'm sure they wont forget it.

O yes I had started this post Thurday and today is Saturday. Update on the bathroom it wont be done till Monday. God must have built in women a sence of time that men must not have lol. At least it will be done soon it was a year long thought process and I'm excited to see the results so far so good.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just found the coolest website for making it simple to keep up my Homemaker planner. I needed to dig it out of my TV stand anyways . Its been sitting dormant a little too long. I think setting some new goals has given me a fresher zest for life. Or maybe it was putting my kids in boot camp that created some peace for me to refresh and get focused. I think it was all of the above. My mind can start spinning try to keep all the goals I want to achieve straight. Anyways I found a website that was PERFECT! for me I'm so exited!..... WOW I mean seriously! It's they have all kinds of planner templates to print out LOVE IT! my favorite is the Christmas planning ones. I just know it's going to make my 2009 Cookie Swap planning very efficient indeed.

When I get a chance later in the week I want to post our boot camp update it's been great I will say that.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back to Bootcamp

Parenting can be most rewarding and challenging at the same time. We as parents love to give to our children just like our heavenly father gives to us. He (Our Papa God) is where we get our generosity from. He gives and takes away and that's just what I did last night. We have lavished on our kids so much. Our love for them to see them excited when they get something new. To bring them something home when we've been gone for awhile. Then there's Santa who shows up in December with the entire toy section from Wal-mart. The list goes on birthday's and on and on. I always say I'm going to cut back and rarely do. I get so much joy out of giving it's hard to stop. I always want my children to really appreciate the things they've been blessed with because after all I felt blessed when I was a child and has less than they do. So here is a little piece to say we are having some struggles with our kids at the moment. I'm sure a lot of parents have been here or will go through this at some time.

Boot camp started about 24 hours ago. It breaks my heart that I even have to go here with my kids but its necessary to Christ like character developed in them. It all started yesterday I was down stairs waiting Tommy to come home and I heard a lot of large thumps upstairs. My kids were up there cleaning there rooms before dinner at least I thought. I thought maybe I should go check I mean like most mom I thought maybe they were doing something dangerous that they might get hurt. As I started up the steps I heard laughter, lets break I heard them chanting. I started walking a little faster because I could hear now that the noise was coming from my room. As I entered the door way I saw my precious children with looks of foolishness on their faces throwing one of their Cd players on the floor repeatedly. I was instantly hot. I mean....I thought who in there right mind would do such a thing. I couldn't and can't understand the reasoning behind it. I with and extra spring in my step grabbed one in each hand. I took a moment at the bottom of the steps shut my eyes and briefly asked God for peace or something like that. I know it's not a good Idea not spank them in anger so I stuck one in each corner of the living rm and told them not to move. Just then my mom walked in, with tears my eyes I said please come to the back yard . I needed to vent so I could think clearly. I told my mom what had happened. We were discussing the thought behind it and what to do about it. After Tommy got home a couple minutes later he talked it over with the kids and they said we didn't want it anymore. That was there reasoning behind it. I could believe it! I was like you broke it because you didn't want it anymore? I guess they just have too much.

Tom and I took a little time while the kids were upstairs cleaning for real this time to talk about what to do. We agreed to take everything away. If they don't have anything there is not to much to clean, not to much to fight about, and not to much to break when they decide they are done with it. The job was a big one.. we left them there beds one blanket to cover up with 1 pair of pj's, 1 outfit for church, 2 everyday outfits. The rest of it we bagged up boxed up and put it in the basement. John Rosemond said at a meeting I went to a couple of months ago all big problems start as something small. In order to make sure they don't become something big you need to have large consequences for the little things. Basically saying do sweat the small stuff because all thing small can grow bigger if not dealt with. So it may sound extreme to take all our kids things away, but I hope it prevents them from a life of foolishness. I'm not sure when they will get there things back. I want to see genuine attitude change and good stewardship before we do. I may be a week it maybe be month or two. I hope the sooner the better but for now on the light side less laundry and less cleanup is a plus lol. I have a feeling when they do get there things back a lot will be missing out of those bags and boxes. It's time to make a change. I'm looking forward to the days ahead and I hope and pray my children will remember this when they are old and grown and be thankful that I stopped the madness when I did. I want them to enjoy life and the things in it not take it for granted.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Goal Setter

I took some time this morning to write out the goals for the year, months, and days we have left in 2009. I sometimes write goals down but, I've never made a goal journal like I did this morning. I got a free composition notebook this week at CVS ( gotta love CVS) and it was perfect for my goal setting journal. I like it better than the to-do list that I normally set for myself, if feels more freeing. I wrote out what I think I want done, prayed about it and gave it to God. When I make a to-do list I tend to have inflexible expectations for myself and then beat myself up over it, if it doesn't all happen. With this new system if my goal doesn't get fulfilled my the end of the day, month, or year I will just roll it over and trust in Gods timing.

Just like my devotional journal I love reading back through it to see the cries of my heart that God answered. Reading it gives me hope when is feels like nothing is changing. This goal journal will be something too I will enjoy reviewing at the end of the year and checking off the things that happened and rolling things over for the next year.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Worship flag day

Let the creativity Begin! Today I did a little shopping this morning to collect some item to make 2 worship flags for my kids. It's a project I thought about over a year ago and never got on it. So during my devotional time this morning the thought popped back into my head. I've found that God often reminds me of things I should do when I spend time with him. So after lunch I put the kids down for quite time at got to it. I would have let them help but, I decided to use hot glue. Not a good choice for a 3 and 5 yr old.

I bought 2 dowel rods some shimmery fabric and ribbon for a little sprinkle on top. It all came to about $6.50 per worship flag. I'm sure I could have gotten thrifty and found better deals but, I just wanted to see how it would pan out on the first try. Maybe next time I make some I will challenge my self to see how cheap I can make it.

So it only took about 30 min to make two of them and it was so much fun. I love working with my hands.

The kids didn't seem to be too quiet in quiet time today so after I was done with the flags I let them come down and try them out. They were so excited! Here are some pics of my creation.