Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just found the coolest website for making it simple to keep up my Homemaker planner. I needed to dig it out of my TV stand anyways . Its been sitting dormant a little too long. I think setting some new goals has given me a fresher zest for life. Or maybe it was putting my kids in boot camp that created some peace for me to refresh and get focused. I think it was all of the above. My mind can start spinning try to keep all the goals I want to achieve straight. Anyways I found a website that was PERFECT! for me I'm so exited!..... WOW I mean seriously! It's they have all kinds of planner templates to print out LOVE IT! my favorite is the Christmas planning ones. I just know it's going to make my 2009 Cookie Swap planning very efficient indeed.

When I get a chance later in the week I want to post our boot camp update it's been great I will say that.

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  1. So, thanks for posting that link. I checked it out and will be using it as well!!